As information and data continue to grow exponentially, the ability to extract insights and value is crucial to success in investment management. The investment research industry plays an integral role in ensuring professionals in investment management can distil key insights and value through the supply of data-rich, reliable, current and high quality company, industry and sector research.


Whether it's used to cut through basic information, obtain original content, opinion, recommendations or value added, investment research services can not only provide a one-stop shop for unique investment information, but also enhance and enrich information that is currently available in a way that is easily and quickly interpreted into the investment decision-making process.


We are, however, seeing a new regulatory focus that is beginning to see a shift towards investment research that is more cost transparent, relevant and aligned to customers' needs. Innovation is also playing its part in areas such as Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) where there is a call for research that can be used as an overlay to complement other forms of research.


The Investment Research Awards are designed to celebrate these changes and highlight investment research services that demonstrate knowledge, innovation, engagement, clarity and transparency.